Monday, 20 July 2009

Global Government Propaganda

Saw this while browsing in a Sainsbury’s.

It reads: ‘It’s a global thing'" – GI JOE, prepare for the new world police.

Note the language, the ‘trendy’ opening line, and the end defeatist statement. Do not choose for such a system, do not vote for such a system. Just PREPARE, for it has already been decided for you by your masters.

This is obviously designed to promote a passive response from the population by dressing up propaganda as ‘entertainment’. The ‘hidden in plain sight’ rule is actually there to desensitise the receiver to the message, increasing the probability of accepting the next phase of their world governance project. One of the chief roles of Hollywood* is conditioning of the masses to this end. A global police force is part of the New World Order that politicians/ puppets have been going on about for decades. You cannot keep a global socialist dictatorship stable without force, which is why (controlled) governments have been calling for them, like the U.S. and the EU (not that the EU is a valid government).


*Hollywood, as in the ‘holy, pure’ wood used for performing acts of magic, to spellbind, to distract.

Hollywood Movies and Symbolism

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