Thursday, 23 July 2009

Fathers do matter – scientific study

How low have we come where we need some scientific study to tell us what everyone should already know. Fathers matter.

In a world where advances in cloning and genetics are threatening to make men redundant, scientists finally have some reassuring news.

Although the findings come from a study of animals, it adds to the growing evidence that fathers influence the way children develop.

Previous studies have shown that girls reach puberty younger, become sexually active earlier and are more likely to get pregnant in their teens if their father are absent when they were young, New Scientist magazine says.

Other work has suggested that sons of missing dads have lower self-esteem later in life.

Well duh. So the army of single mothers which is a ‘triumph’ of feminism apparently, is also directly responsible for the army of feral, uncivilised, lost children. Our next generation who doesn’t seem to have a clue. How convenient for the state and MSM.

By the way, I always laugh at the suggestion men will be made redundant by genetics. I wonder what the psychological effect of constantly threatening the male with extinction has on them?

But that is why it is called War on Males. Remove males from society and it collapses, something socialism and communism has always wanted for the West.

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