Tuesday, 7 July 2009

He raped me! Oooooh no he didn't! Oooooh yes he did!


Woman who cried rape jailed for a year.

An innocent man almost lost his freedom after being accused of rape by a woman he dated through the internet.

Gary Wood was hoping for romance when he arranged to meet Natalie Jefferson after chatting to her online - but ended up facing a potential 10-year jail term.

Instead 27-year-old Jefferson is beginning a 12-month jail term after detectives saw through her lies.

Mr Wood, 31, of Walker, Newcastle, said he was still baffled by her motives.

'I just want to know why,' he said. 'Maybe she's is messed up in the head, maybe she's an attention-seeker or maybe it is a bit of both, but I could have lost everything because of what she did.'

Like she ever gave a fuck about the consequences to him. Whatever bullshit little me me me reason she had for putting this guy through hell, I can guarantee you she should would have thought twice about it if the sentencing for false rape accusations was 'equalised' with convicted rapists.

Then she wouldn't be doing one year (out in six months or less). She'll be doing SEVEN.

Robin Patton, prosecuting, said: 'It's quite clear she had concocted this account for no good reason at all.

'The man's medical examination was about to start but police, having viewed the CCTV footage, immediately stopped the examination because they were sure he was an innocent man.'

Ailsa MacDonald, defending, told the court: 'There is a considerable psychiatric background and she has alcohol problems.'

So what?

'I can't stop thinking that if there had been no witnesses or CCTV to prove that she was lying I would have been in real trouble and would have been sent down. I would have lost my friends and everything I've got.'

He added: 'It has still affected me and if I was to meet someone now, I would only do it in public. I am glad with the sentence but think she should have got more because she could be out and doing it to someone else in six months.'

Evil nasty selfish BITCH. Wouldn't be the first time either and beware doing kinky shit with them, they just may fuck your life up out of sheer embarrassment...

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