Thursday, 30 July 2009

Infantilism in the MSM

The Daily Fail begins the article like this:

Why celebrities are to blame for women risking their lives in sunbed salons to look tanned

Now, regardless of the idiocy of women literally cooking themselves in these stupid little places for vanity, just how are celebrities to blame?

Are these individuals in the public eye responsible for the behaviour of these people not in the public eye? Are these women capable of independent thought or are they mindless drones who have no personal responsibility over their own lives?

They have become a society of limp-wristed snivelling little pussies.

This is happening all the time in the media. With drug abuse, tanning booths, financial scams etc, criminal scumbags. It is always someone else’s fault. No one is willing to accept the consequences of their own actions, because guess what? The nanny state has done its best to remove responsibility from its cattle. Wouldn’t want them kicking out when it’s time to milk them now would they…

You see, breaking the connection between action and consequence means people can no longer develop the ability to perceive risk. This is already happening with cotton-wool children.

There is a deeper more sinister angle to this also. To control your own perception of reality though true interactions with it is power. You develop the ability to deal with life in your own way, you naturally become independent. The oppressive state HATES THIS. With this blame culture, along with the rampant Health and Safety quangocracy there is a constant gathering of this decision making power away from the individual into the state, the consequence being that people become ever more dependent on the state for safety from reality.

Consider the example of a parent who deliberately shields a child from the outside world, in order to remain his/ her only means of interacting with it. The parent becomes the gatekeeper of all decisions. Same thing is happening with the state.

Doesn’t sound quite so healthy now does it?

On an ever deeper level this imposed culture of refusing to acknowledge personal responsibility is also a consequence of the state wishing to utterly abolish private property rights, the most valuable and sacred of which is the property of your body and time. In the same why you cannot blame an automaton for the actions your programmed it with, people are being encouraged to accept that the state is the regulator of all thought and action, essentially taking ownership of your mind and body. For your protection of course.

The ownership of self is the absolute starting point of all freedoms. Without it you are not even a slave, you simply cease to exist as an individual, like an ant in a hive.

I guess this smudging of responsibility is something along the lines of ‘leading beyond authority’. Blaming beyond yourself you can call it.

Sheesh, how did the human race ever survive before the Socialists were excreted from the bowels of the human condition…

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Anonymous said...

Most people today are a bunch of sniveling cowardly idiots. They have only themselves to blame. They are too lazy to do the information hunting themselves and believe everything that they are told by the MSM. You almost feel sorry for them at times, but then you realize that they would sell you out to the nazis for 5 bucks.

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