Friday, 31 July 2009

Don’t help him – we need to do paperwork

Police, firefighers and paramedics refused to go to the aid of an accident victim lying in just 18 inches of water because they believed it was too dangerous.

A senior fire officer banned his men from using ropes and ladders to climb down a 15-foot-bank to the victim, who drowned, after carrying out a 'risk assessment'.

An inquest into Mr Malton's death today heard that officers no longer have to swim or receive life-saving training.

This evening Mr Malton's father Peter branded the emergency services' response to the tragic accident as  'unacceptable'

He spoke out after it emerged that when relatives of his son arrived at the scene, they found emergency workers standing around drinking tea.

Read my recent article about infantilism to get where I am coming from as I begin my rant. This is classic control technique. You position yourself as the ‘authority’ on rules or behaviour and once everyone is brainwashed into accepting your false authority, you begin to change the rules. People will begin to behave worse and worse, but always ‘within the rules’.

It is the same excuse the slimy pathetic Nazi’s used. 'But I vas only following rules!’ Our modern day socialist scum do the same thing.

The issue flared up two years ago after another inquest heard how two police community support officers (PCSOs) had stood by while a ten-year-old boy drowned in a pond in Wigan.

Senior officers with the Greater Manchester force, which employed them, said they acted 'correctly'.

They followed the rules, see the pattern here?

Police accident investigator Sergeant Dave Kay told the hearing that had he been at the scene he would have gone into the water.

'Lessons should be learned,' he said. 'I would have gone down the bank and would have expected other officers to go down.'

He told the inquest that officers no longer had to be able to swim.

'I can confirm it is no longer a requirement to be able to swim. Officers used to receive life-saving training but this is not the case now.

'I fear that this will continue to cause an issue. Lessons should be learned from this incident.

Why would they learn life-saving techniques? That is something positive, that benefits the public. The politicised police now only exist to impose the will of the corporate state. They no longer serve the public, even if they want to.

And yes, ‘lessons should be learnt’. Fuck me is this some big bloody conspiracy or what? Are all these bastards reading from the same Soviet Psychopolitics manual?

Remember, these fucking little wankers operate by claiming that they ‘take care of things’. Then when they get power, they move the goalposts. Orwell would be proud.

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Anonymous said...

these unspeakable cowards are vile, and in any wholesome society would have been roundly condemned, and dismissed with as much prejudice as the law allowed, I know this much I would find great difficulty concealing my contempt for all of those involved in this despicable act! that they were unable to find sufficient moral fibre to help this child was bad, but to be low enough that they thought it ok is beyond words!

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