Sunday, 26 July 2009

Typical feminist diatribe

It’s a phenomenon known as going back to live at Hotel Mum. Apparently, a staggering one in three men aged between 20 and 40 is still living with his parents.

Cost is the main factor behind the fact that the young bucks of Britain are returning to have their pants washed, T-shirts ironed (these giant toddlers don’t possess shirts – if they did, they would probably need to have them buttoned in the morning) and bottoms wiped by long-suffering mummy, who is of course delighted to have a big baby mewing from the sofa.

Whereas my mum never possessed a cheque book and had never even requested cashback at a supermarket until after my dad died (‘Ooh, can I really have some money back? How about £100?’), men under 40 today are, without doubt, feeble, infantile and feckless.

It continues, descending into the vain, self-absorbed, perpetually complaining misandric nonsense that feminists tend to be drawn to say, usually to cover up their loneliness and lack of success getting some from the male species. Anyway, the comments say it better than I could, so I’ll post some;

And yet its the 'feeble, infantile & feckless' men who seem to do most of the heavy work in society, who make up the majority of the military and generally take most of the physical risks. Who designed your laptop, Liz? That would be a man (probably quite a nerdy one who you'd hold in contempt, much like those longhairs from the 70s who built the early Internet) What about your car? Who builds the jumbo jets you fly round on? Your attitude is that men should be beasts of burden and insulted if they don't do your bidding - words just fail me.

- Eric, Widnes, UK, 26/7/2009 10:01

This is actually quite typical of the entitlement attitude of women today. Gimme gimme gimme and when you don’t, it is obviously you with the problem, not her.

The irony is when those 'ninny' men get more money they'll avoid relationships with annoying 30 somethings like the plague & go off and marry some nice young thing. Their stroppy elder sisters will then become bitter and forge virtual relationships with their pets while ranting about how terrible men are. I think this may already be happening in some quarters.

- Daley, Bognor, UK, 26/7/2009 10:04

Funny, us fella’s have been saying that for years. Women FAIL at turning a men into a slave (directly), so again, instead of thinking that maybe it is her with the attitude problem, she projects it onto others. This next comment sums it all up;

The fact that feminists like you and your friends hate the men you associate with says more about you all than the men. The metrosexual wimps you attract are about the best you will get from the male gender. No independent, well balanced male wants to saddle himself with a feminist man hater with an entitlement complex and a chip on both shoulders concerning the opposite gender. So the males you will get are those who agree with your views on their gender and they will be the self loathing, hand wringing wimp of the kind you describe.
What you are correct on is that you only have yourselves to blame for creating this situation by teaching or implying to young males that they are inherently worthless from an early age.
"We no longer wanted or needed men for lifting heavy objects - we could pay someone servile to do that"
Who would that serville person be? A male per chance? Your misandry is palpable!

- jbgood, London UK, 26/7/2009 7:12

Interesting how women can get paid to write such sexist nonsense these days. Can you imagine a guy writing something like this, without being fired of course…

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Male Rights Network said...

"Interesting how women can get paid to write such sexist nonsense these days. Can you imagine a guy writing something like this, without being fired of course…"

Yeah it is rather interesting.. Just another day in the Matriarchy I guess.

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