Saturday, 18 July 2009

Fathers to get £30 DNA paternity test over the counter

Well it’s a start.

The first over-the-counter paternity test kit will be on sale within weeks.

The £30 pack will allow a man to check his DNA against a child's to identify whether he is the biological father.

International Biosciences, the British company launching the kits in chemists, claimed they were legal, safe and at least 99.9 per cent reliable.

But medical ethical experts warned that DIY paternity tests would foster a 'culture of suspicion' and could cause heartbreak for rejected children.

There already is a culture of suspicion thanks for hordes of selfish bitches lying to their walking wallets while shagging the ‘bad boy’ behind his back, otherwise this test wouldn’t have been made available due to lack of demand. It isn’t all good news however.

Mr Meekins said the tests showed whether the man was not the father a 100 per cent of the time. They were 99.9 per cent effective in showing he was the father. But if a mother's DNA was also submitted, then a positive test was also 100 per cent accurate, he said.

The results will not be accepted as evidence in court.

They can use DNA as evidence in crimes, but not if it involves making wimmin look bad. They are above the law, just how the feminists want it.

Josephine Quintavalle, of Comment on Reproductive Ethics, said the easy availability of paternity tests raised deep concerns.

'One of the big problems with genetic testing is that the information isn't neutral - it isn't just wheeled out in a moral vacuum,' she said.

'The discovery that a child isn't related to their father can have a huge impact on that child.'

Of course, think of the chiiiiilllldren! Doesn’t matter if you have been duped, just DEAL WITH IT, you’re a man, you’re not allowed to complain or have any expectations about anything.

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