Monday, 20 July 2009

Muslim outrage?

“200 lashes of ‘peace’ for the inferior sex”

Another triumph for the Religion of Peace.

A Saudi Arabian princess who had an illegitimate child with a British man has been granted asylum here after claiming she would face the death penalty if she returned to her country.

The arrangement is one of a number of claims for asylum brought by Saudi Arabian citizens which are not openly acknowledged by either government, according to the Independent.

The secrecy is thought to exist so as not to highlight the persecution of women in Saudi Arabia as this would be viewed as open criticism of the House of Saud and create embarrassment for both governments.

Is there some fucking conspiracy to never, ever, point the finger at the shit that is Islam for this barbaric behaviour? Maybe some of those mythical ‘moderate’ Muslims can go over there and lecture them Saudi’s on what this supposed true Islam is, because in every Islamic state I look and every historical account I read, I see this disgusting treatment of people by Muslims, following ISLAM.

Adulterers in the Gulf state can also face punishment by hanging or beheading.

There were at least 102 executions of men and women last year and according to human rights group Amnesty International, there are at least 136 people awaiting execution.

But I thought this religion was all flowers and buttercups? That the excuse I keep bloody hearing when yet another Muslim does something despicable. Well, despicable to civilised people anyway. I mean, world wide riots because someone drew a picture of their number one barbarian/ warlord, but nothing when hundreds are EXECUTED or when 100,000's are slaughtered. These motherfuckers need to get their priorities straight, because now they’re swamping the Western world, bringing their ‘culture of peace’ with them.

She told the court she feared she and her baby would face flogging and stoning to death under Sharia law if they returned home.

Her baby too? Sharia law eh, where have I heard that before?


G Clarke said...

We all wonder why this arab woman got herself pregnant, knowing full well she would be flogged by those racist women hating homophobic outdated spitting serpents, you see this country is free and good thats why she took the risk. She is a lying bitch just like the rest of them either kill or steal.

Anonymous said...

Now we have established the anti-intellectualism that exists here with G Clarke's infantile statement, maybe we can think of a good NHS mental health charity for the writer of this blog.

Anonymous said...

If there is anyone who needs mental treatment it is you Anon (coward) as people like you create a warm resting place for these scum people, you go to hospital and find if there is a cure for non interlectual prat like you. GROW UP PRICK.

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