Friday, 31 July 2009

Side effects for over half of children who take Tamiflu

Just what the doctor ordered…

The drug being used to fight swine flu can also produce stomach pain, diarrhoea and sleeping problems.

Researchers in two studies reported that many children found concentration difficult after taking the drug  -  which could affect their performance in school tests and exams.

The findings will cause deep concern among parents and raise the question of whether the powerful anti-viral should be handed out so widely when the vast majority of swine flu cases involve only a mild illness.

The new studies will increase concern over the potential side effects of Tamiflu  -  liver failure is one of those listed on the box.

It also emerged yesterday that Japan has advised its GPs not to give the drug to youngsters between 10 and 19 because of high rates of ' neuropsychiatric side effects' such as feeling confused and having bad dreams.

The first study, of 103 children at three London schools, showed that 53 per cent suffered side effects.

The most common were nausea (29 per cent), stomach pain or cramps (20 per cent) and problems sleeping (12 per cent).

These are just the initial reactions. There is no information about long-term effects.

Government chief Big Pharma salesman medical officer Sir Liam Donaldson said Tamiflu should still be given to children if they have established symptoms and there are no existing medical reasons not to prescribe the drug.

GPs are reporting increasing cases of suspected Tamiflu side effects. One told Pulse magazine: 'It's not the innocuous drug the public seem to think it is.'

The Department of Health said last night: 'The EU regulatory position remains that no causal association between Tamiflu (or Relenza) and an increase in neuropsychiatric events has been established.'

Who gives a fuck what the EU thinks. Comes down to what I spoke about in my previous post, infantilism, the monopoly of authority is now in the hands of supra-national organisations. You no longer decide if it is good for you or not, they do.

As always, do what you like, but if you don’t ask questions you deserve what you get.

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