Saturday, 25 July 2009

A present from Belgium

Three convicted armed robbers including one of the most violent men in Europe have escaped from prison in a hijacked helicopter.

It flew into a jail near Bruges, Belgium, picking up repeated offenders Ashraf Sekkaki, Mohammed Johry and Abdel Had Kahjary Mulloul.

Armed guards were so astonished that not a shot was fired, or anything done to stop the men jumping aboard.

Man, BULLSHIT. One of the most violent men in Europe and you let him jump into a helicopter, from inside a prison? This stinks.

‘It was as if they thought the helicopter was on official business or something,’ said an eye witness.

Wouldn’t surprise me.

The chopper flew them around 12 miles away towards a motorway, where they stole a black Mercedes saloon from a petrol station.

They took a female driver hostage for the next stage of their journey before leaving her by the road in Melle, Flanders, and taking another car. They were last seen heading for France.

Next stop, Tower Hamlets, London. We have to protect their human rights, don’t you know…


* Picture from Cornwall Cakes.

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