Sunday, 19 July 2009

Muslim tries to impose Halal on British pensioners

A Muslim care home owner has been branded 'a disgrace' after banning his pensioner residents from eating bacon.

The 40 pensioners - none of them Muslim - were shocked when all pork products were cut off the menu by owner Dr Zulfikar Ali Khan.

He stopped deliveries from the butcher who supplied the home for years and instead ordered halal-meat only from another firm.

Another example of Muslim’s attempting to impose Islamic rules on non-Muslims. All part of the Jihad of course, with this Fabian-style encroaching of primitive, barbaric Sharia nonsense. Only this time people complained, so the Muslim had to back off.

Said one member of staff , who asked not to be named: 'Only halal meat was delivered to the home and all pork products such as bacon, ham sandwiches, pork pies, sausages and even lard were stopped.

'He did not consult the residents or seek their approval. Bacon sandwiches are a favourite here.

'It's also quite wrong that someone should impose their religious and cultural beliefs on others like this.

When asked about the decision, Dr Khan, who has owned the home since 1994, suggested that the halal meat had been brought in for Muslim staff - but he is believed to be the only one the only in the building.

When are people going to understand this? Muslims regard Islamic culture as superior to all others, including ours. It is the highest duty of all Muslims to convert dar el-Harb to dar el-Islam. Regardless of what they say on radio shows, television or in the neighbourhood. If they say any different then they are lying or ignorant, either position disqualifies their so-called authority on the subject. Simple.

Still, these folk at the home weren’t having it.

Said a former member of staff who still has connections with the home: 'I believe Dr Khan intended to serve only halal meat at the home but has had to think again because of the row.

'The staff have been very unhappy and the manager has just left, one of several to go in the last few years.'

People need to understand that this religious imperialism is not only condoned, but commanded by Islam. It is a holy duty. I’ll say it again, the number one priority of a true Muslim is to subjugate non-Muslim’s.

This description of 'Jihad' from Jihad Watch;

In Islam the world is uncompromisingly divided between dar al-Islam, the House of Islam, and dar al-harb, the House of War, where Infidels have not yet been subjugated to Islam. “Islam is to dominate and not to be dominated” and eventually, all of the world, which belongs to Allah, will become part of dar al-Islam.

The Jihad is the “struggle” to expand Islam, to create the conditions where Muslims may rule, and Islam may prevail.

This Jihad to spread Islam has lasted 1350 years. It has no end, until its goal is reached, whatever periods of quiescence must be observed because of lack of effective instruments or power.

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