Sunday, 2 August 2009

Harriet Harman reveals her utter contempt for men

Harriet Harman has expressed sympathy for female ministers who find it difficult “being a woman in a man’s world”, and insisted that men should not be left to run things on their own.

Ms Harman, Labour’s Deputy Leader and the Minister for Women and Equality, said that one of the party’s top two positions should always be held by a woman and that the party would never have a male leader and deputy again, as was the case with Tony Blair and John Prescott.

By the way, notice how they merge ‘women’ with ‘equality’, as if it can only be done with women*. This bitch has serious issues, hardly the kind of discriminating, incompetent hateful little cunt you’d want making policy, is it.

“Men cannot be left to run things on their own. I think it’s a thoroughly bad thing to have men-only leadership,” she added. Voters were fed up with “boys running the show”, she said. "In a country where women regard themselves as equal, they are not prepared to see men just running the show themselves. I think a balanced team of men and women makes better decisions.”

The difference between voters and this fucking twat is that we are more impressed with being competent, not being female. Nobody gives a fuck what colour or sex you are, so long as you do the fucking job properly. Balanced team? What does that mean then? So four incompetent women and four incompetent men make better decisions than one competent person? She also claims to know what ‘the voters’ think. Fuck off. These scumbags couldn’t care less what we think, so long as we continue to let them destroy the country for Socialism/ Communism.

Asked if she agreed with accusations by Caroline Flint, the former Europe minister, that Gordon Brown uses women ministers as window dressing, she replied: “I can always understand anyone’s frustration about being a woman in a man’s world.”

Flint, another useless fuckwit who only got the job because she’s female. Remember, this is the waste of space that was given the job of Europe Minister (whatever the hell that means) and during her whole tenure there, admitted she never read the Lisbon Treaty. So what the fuck was she there for, other than being another talking head for Brussels, and keeping another dumb bitch in the job to woo female voters?

Her comments today came as she defended her decision to reappoint a man — Trevor Phillips — to run the Equalities Commission, an organisation which she admitted was giving her “great concern”.

Yes he’s a man, but he’s also black. That’s the difference. For these Marxists there is a league table for victims. The same way the feminists of old tried to compare themselves to black people from the slave trade, in that whole ‘we are all victims of evil white male society’ etc. How these middle class tramps living in nice big (man-made) homes who lounged around gushing over the Communist Manifesto and never wanted for anything can suddenly believe they suffer like slaves is beyond me. But that is just how narcissistic these bitches are.

Let me get this straight. If you are male, Harman hates you. If you are white and male, she would happily push you to the bottom of society, hence her trying for things like 12 months paid maternity leave. She hates the nuclear family. In fact, if you compare the goals of communism with her attitudes, you would see they are essentially identical. From the nasty fucking moron who thinks Castro is a hero and was watched by M15 for communist sympathising. She is also a Fabian.

* The father of communism did say that “Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included.”


Anonymous said...

By the way, by not trusting men to do anything, would she mean in the sense that is you let women take control, it works out better, like say, in the education system? Everyone knows that it is the feminisation of society that leads to it collapse.

Anonymous said...

Harriet Harman's Lies About Rape Exposed Today

Anonymous said...

I'm female and hate the cow!!
Havent forgotten her support for the rights of paedophile's, shes' oh so New Labour/Fabian!
Feminist's have ruined marriage not improved womens lives at all.
Hence the majority of females are now forced to work which in turn damages their children.
But they knew that would be the end result, Marxist have been given far too much rope!

Lets pray that one day we can put the rope into a fitting service for women across the UK!

Anonymous said...

Your obsession with communism that doesn't exist is hilarious. You are one paranoid fucktard.

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