Thursday, 27 August 2009

More attacks on lifestyle by the state

More propaganda

Stronger drinks - and larger measures - have become more popular in recent years, and the study warns that drinkers could be unwittingly risking their health even if they do not go out on “binges”.

Jonny Forsyth, senior drink analyst for Mintel, the leading market research analysts who produced the report, said: “The over-45s are drinking more regularly but not thinking they’re in danger.

Danger? Oh no!

“Alcohol has also got stronger so it doesn’t take as much to get your units.

Alcohol has gotten stronger eh. Don’t they mean alcoholic drinks? I guess in their rush to panic people they forgot to actually think about what the hell they were writing. Same as with cannabis. I’m surprised they haven’t linked it to terrorism. Yet.

Note the repeated statements about ‘units’. Your state-mandated allowed alcohol intake, those same units that are completely fabricated.

The Mintel report warns that although the total volume of alcohol being consumed is falling, as wine overtakes beer in popularity, people are often buying stronger drinks without realising it.

That is an assumption. It is also highly offensive, they assume people are too thick to read alcohol contents on bottles. But that is the general attitude to people these days, hence the nanny state, to protect you from yourselves.

The Office for National Statistics was forced last year to change its method for calculation safe drinking levels to reflect increasing strengths, as well as the trend for larger wine glasses.

So, alcohol use is falling, but the state forces the ONS to cook its books in order to keep up the War on Drinkers.

A large 250ml glass of wine is now classed as three units, as is a pint of continental lager.

Says who? Not me, so fuck ‘em. Now they have indoctrinated the public about these moon-units, they are slowly changing the goal posts, lowering the threshold of ‘acceptable alcohol use’ and trying to force people to feel guilty about drinking (again). Give it time and they will be classing the 250ml glass as four units, then five etc. The result is the same amount of drinking can be manipulated to convey a false image of ‘more units being consumed’.

So what really is the point of this article, apart from demonising innocent people living their lives.

Professor Ian Gilmore, President of the Royal College of Physicians, said: "This study shows very clearly that our problems with alcohol are not confined to binge-drinking youngsters – there is a striking increase in overall consumption in the last decade that mirrors the rising deaths from cirrhosis and other health consequences. Many regular drinkers who don’t consider themselves at risk are undoubtedly exceeding safe limits as drinks get stronger.

"This has to be tackled by providing better unit labelling information, but if we are to make an impact on the escalating health damage this must also be accompanied by bringing down the total amount we drink as a nation through a minimum unit price for alcohol.”

My emphasis. See, there is always an agenda with these prop pieces. I have said it before and I’ll say it again.

The biggest problems we have are not drinking, or cannabis or whatever. It’s the government itself. It needs to GO.

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