Tuesday, 18 August 2009

How The West Was Lost

From James Delingpole, in the Telegraph Blog.

The Burkini. You’d think it was a joke invention: a bit like the grotesque “Mankini” so hilariously sported by Sacha Baron Cohen on all those posters for Borat. What, after all, could be more absurd than melding the not-notably-sexy Muslim dress - the Burka - with the kind of achingly seductive kit worn by Brigitte Bardot in And God Created Woman?

But no, the Burkini is for real. It was designed by an Lebanese Australian Aheda Zanetti to enable women in thrall to extreme Saudi-style dress codes to go swimming on beaches and in public baths without incurring a beating or instant divorce from their characteristically tolerant and cosmopolitan menfolk.

If you didn’t know, it is in regards to this cultural Jihad being waged by Muslims in Britain, in this case, by imposing dress codes and Muslim only swimming sessions.

What I will add however, is the real reason for Muslim only sessions is because Muslims believe that us non Muslims are ritually unclean. Every part of us is impure and they have to keep their distance lest they be infected by our disgusting non Muslim touch.

I’m not kidding. From ‘The Legacy of Jihad by Andrew G. Bostom, MD’ we have this quote on page 33;

… According to Al-Majilisi,

And, that they should not enter the pool while a Muslim is bathing at the public baths. . . . It is also incumbent upon Muslims that they should not accept from them victuals with which they had come into contact, such as distillates, which cannot be purified. If something can be purified, such as clothes, if they are dry, they can be accepted, they are clean. But if they (the dhimmis) had come into contact with those clothes in moisture they should be rinsed with water after being obtained.

It goes on. It is only when the study Islam for yourself that you begin to discover just how much contempt Islam and its followers view us and everything about us in the West (except the benefits and council houses, which is a form of financial Jihad). Talk of ‘social cohesion’ etc is all nonsense. Islam is an imperialistic, totalitarian socio-political supremacist sect, not a religion. They do not wish to integrate, they wish to infiltrate and then dominate, while assimilating the benefits of Western society and imposing their tyrannical collectivist death cult on the rest of us. They see themselves as superior to us in every way, not because they personally came to that conclusion, but because Islam states it, and they don’t think for themselves. Actually, they’re not allowed to think. Islam says so. Such is the nature of cults.

To make it perfectly clear, Islam is not a peaceful, passive system. It is an aggressive encroaching system. Depending on their relative numbers in a host state they may play the quiet card, slowly imposing their barbaric primitive culture or in larger numbers, outright violence and threats against local non Muslims. Anyone who tells you different is either a) ignorant or b) lying. From the same book as I quoted above (and the same page);

Sir Jadunath Sarkar, for example, a preeminent historian of Mughal India, wrote the following in 1920 regarding the impact of centuries of jihad and dhimmitude on the indigenous Hindus of the India subcontinent:

Islamic theology, therefore tells the true believer that his highest duty is to make “exertion (jihad) in the path of God,” by waging war against infidel lands (dar-ul-harb) till they become part of the realm of Islam (dar-ul-Islam) and their populations are converted into true believers. After conquest the entire infidel population becomes theoretically reduced to the status of slaves of the conquering army. The men taken are to be slain or sold into slavery and their wives and children reduced to servitude.

Religion of peace indeed.

If you want a grounding in Islam relatively quickly, look at the links on the right under ‘Islam’ and read this.

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