Friday, 7 August 2009

Women strike back

Good for them. Some punch-above-their-weight union (TUC) want to ban women wearing stilletos at work. Like it is any of their fucking business. It is oppressive and sexist apparently, but this writer isn’t having any of it;

… She wasn't being flippant - she was right. Old-style feminists hate heels, dismissing them as just another way to oppress women.

Designed specifically to distort the body, thrusting out our bottoms, lengthening our legs and arching our backs, they merely serve, the sisterhood argues, to turn us into sexual objects.

Feminists just can’t get their hateful little minds around the fact that women may actually like doing things that feminists don’t agree with, but they can never tell women off for their behaviour because women will just turn around and say ‘I thought you were about sexual liberation, independence, freedom of choice etc.’ So they just somehow blame men for it. Fucking pathetic.

Mandi Norwood, the former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine who once famously said 'I always wear heels to work. I can't think in flats', was speaking for the post-modern generation of career women who have rediscovered heels as both an asset and a sexual and professional weapon.

So the news that the TUC wants to ban them from the workplace on the grounds that they are sexist and even dangerous might seem to be another joke from the department of Haven't They Got Anything Proper To Worry About if it weren't so dense, so wrong, and so patronising.

But isn’t that the case with the whole of government and its quangos/ fake charities? The TUC is obviously attempting to impose another layer of control over people under the guise of protecting them. Because you know, people can’t look after themselves anymore, like little children. Or cattle. Adults need controlling. For freedom you understand.

Heels are for show, to add authority, to make you feel groomed and feminine, not for running marathons.

They don't, as the TUC seems to think, turn women into mush-brained idiots who don't know where blisters come from.

I am trying to get my head around the idea of some fucking union even dreaming of having the moral authority to tell the collective workplaces of an entire country how things should be run. That is why you start your own business, because you believe you can do all of that yourself and you’re tired of being told what to do. The only problem I know with heel’s is that they can damage expensive flooring. But that is an issue for individual businesses to deal with, not some centralised Stalinist gang with a God complex.

Remember, feminism was never about freedom. It was, is and always will be about control. The control of women and the demonisation of men. You can see this when women get criticised for making choices not in the feminist playbook. Like wanting to be a stay at home mum or entering a beauty pageant. It is just another example of social engineering, of the ‘we know what is best for you’ brigade. I get women telling me feminism is about equal right, then why is it called feminism, shouldn’t it be called equalism? There is a reason why the goals of feminism are virtually identical to those of communism… The overthrow of (spiritually) libertarian societies in favour of socialist dictatorships. It is just one arm of the NWO octopus but I’ll elaborate on that later.

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