Friday, 21 August 2009

Councils to be able to restrain ‘stalkers’ even if found innocent

People may be given restraining orders even if they have been found not guilty of any offence, under a controversial extension of the power of the courts unveiled yesterday.

From the end of next month, courts will have greater freedom to grant the orders against those suspected of harassment or domestic violence.

Restraining orders are designed to stop stalkers harassing victims, or abusers to stop harming their partners.

In some cases, they place restrictions on going near a victim's house or workplace.

Currently courts can issue restraining orders only following conviction for two types of offences, harassment or putting someone in fear of violence.

Under the new rules, an order can be made following conviction for any offence and even when a defendant is acquitted.

And the police state grows ever larger. The councils can now impose restraining orders on innocent people if they ‘suspect’ that person. What next? Taking men falsely accused of rape and throwing them in prison anyway?

I suppose this all goes into the ‘evil men’ feminist statistics, because you know this will be directed against men. It also continues the state desire to encroach utterly on every aspect of our lives, usually by pretending to be doing it in ‘our best interests’.

One of the comments on the Mail site says this;

This is a positive step in the right direction to reduce the Islamic honor killings, and reduce the deplorably high rate or rape in the UK.

- FeFe, Wash D.C., 21/8/2009 08:40

Well, rape convictions have been consistently falling, and you want to use mass immigration of people from Islamic countries as a pretext to impose vague fuzzy draconian laws on us all?

More importantly, this decision violates the Rule of Law and that alone makes it completely unacceptable, I couldn’t give a fuck about people’s feelings.

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