Monday, 17 August 2009

Forget National Sovereignty

“All your Rights Are Belong to Us” – EU

In 2001, when EU leaders gathered in Laeken, Belgium, to plan their next great leap forward to European integration – the ill-fated EU constitution – they also agreed on what they saw as another bold symbol of their wish to see Europe politically and legally united: the European Arrest Warrant. Fired by the recent 9/11 outrage, they agreed that the courts of any country could call on those of another to order the automatic extradition of anyone suspected of offences under 32 headings, with such crimes as terrorism, drug-running and “xenophobia” high on their list.

Even then, fears were expressed that such a summary shortcutting of normal legal procedures might lead to serious injustices. Not all of the EU’s judicial systems (to put it mildly) rest on the same ideas of justice. But even those most worried about the dangers of this system could scarcely have imagined a case like that involving the extradition to Greece of a 20-year old British student, Andrew Symeou.

I know people don’t seem to notice at this is happening, or even care for that matter (until it happens to you of course). Instead people seem happy to continually tip toe along ever thinning lines of ‘legal behaviour’. I say the line gets thinner, because the more laws they pass, the more things become illegal that were legal a week ago.

Think about that. An illegal act is supposed to be only that which is fundamentally wrong, a violation of an individuals’ freedom or property rights would constitute such an act. But now, with thousands upon thousands of laws and statues now being enforced, nobody has a clue what they really can or cannot do.

And that is just in our Parliament. The EU’s directive book hasn’t even been audited, no one really know how many there are, but visit the EU law website on any given day and you’ll see a bunch of new directives being passed. The official journal lists approximately 9 directives a day. Some add rules, some change old rules, but you haven’t got a clue about any of them do you?

This EU extradition rule is just a small glimmer of the supranational grasp of this tyrannical invention. People only seem to want to take notice when it rears its ugly head, but usually it is busy usurping our freedoms through Parliament in stealth.

I’ll write more about this later.

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