Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Complicit girls being portrayed as victims again


The relationship between men and women, according to modern feminism.

More feminist politically correct horseshit from The Guardian. The headline of the article is ‘Girls bullied into sending explicit sex texts’.

We have an perfect example of a Harmanism. Poor girls being forced to do something they don’t want to by um, boys I assume?

Girls are being coerced into texting explicit photos of themselves, a new report found today.

Young people are sending and receiving sex texts – "sexts" – which are then shared on social networking sites or via Bluetooth technology.

A quarter of the messages were sent by the youngster's current boyfriend or girlfriend, and seven in 10 of the 11- to 18-year-olds surveyed said they knew the sender personally.

Yes, but where is the evidence of girls being bullied into it?

A spokesman for the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) said there were concerns that the images could find their way into the hands of paedophiles. Anyone holding images of youngsters or passing them on could be breaking the law, he warned.

Nope, no girls being bullied here. Oh, and if teens take pics of themselves can they be convicted of creating child porn?

Emma-Jane Cross, chief executive of Beatbullying, said: "We don't want to stifle young people's sexual development, but it is important that parents and schools understand the rise of sexting so together we can act to stop sexual bullying."

What fucking bullying? And no, they wouldn’t want to stifle young people’s sex lives, that would be going against government policy wouldn’t it.

It continues with the usual socialist propaganda, a new taskforce, more state intervention etc. How many young people did this ‘research’ cover?

Beatbullying questioned 2,094 youngsters in England.

Wow, that is comprehensive.

I’ve read the press release from Beatbullying, you can view it here. If you do you will see that more boys sent ‘sexts’ than girls (39% and 36%, respectively) which makes it even more difficult to work out why The Guardian frames the article like this. I also find it perplexing that while all of these PC outlets continue to publish articles portraying women as eternal victims of _anything_ they would all support equality. That is, we are equal and therefore responsible for the acceptance or refusal of our actions EQUALLY.

Anyway, here is a comment from a teen on the article;

UK teenager here to tell you what is actually going on!

First off, it took THIS long for someone to realize sexually explicit material is going around schools, over the internet, in texts? Jesus H Christ our country is slow and out of touch!

Secondly: girls are never FORCED, i know of girls who sent pictures to their boyfriends, most of the time, the guys dont even ask, girls just send them to keep the guys interested, or to be told they look beautiful. Some of the less revealing pictures are uploaded on facebook! so there is some cheek saying girls are bullied into it. I myself have had pictures sent to me (she was 18) and i didnt even know the girl! So i find this article highly inaccurate.

I’m still trying to work out how The Guardian justifies that headline from the point of view of an impartial, credible mainstream news source.*

Additionally, I did the decent thing and pulled Beatbullyings’ financials from the Charity Commission website. Page 17 lists the details of the ‘Voluntary’ donations and the single largest (double the next one down) donation are from Local Councils at £103,700. Plus another £90,000 from DFES and £9,000 from the GLA (for ‘Activities in Futherance of the Charity’s Objects’). In other words, without taxpayers’ money, it couldn’t exist. So yes, it has been submitted to Fakecharities.org.


*I know, funny aren’t I. By the way, Harmanism (you read it here first) is the act of forcing a misandrist slant to something with absolutely no justification other than sheer hatred of males. The kind of bullshit non-logic only a woman could come up with lol


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That image is from Cave Women: A Gallery of Prehistoric Pulchritude

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