Friday, 14 August 2009

Yet another false rape accuser


Nice to see the good old female superior conscience still applies…

A woman faces jail after luring a man into having sex with her and then crying rape in a plot to claim thousands of pounds in compensation.

Sarah-Jane Hilliard, 20, applied for £7,500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority days after falsely accusing Grant Bowers, 19, of raping her.

Yesterday, the telesales employee was told she faced a jail term, after her web of lies was exposed in court in May.

Let’s see what disgracefully lenient sentence she will get.

Officers contacted Mr Bowers and told him he would not be charged and instead arrested Hilliard for perverting the course of justice.

Ah but as is always the case with false rape accusations, the damage to the man is already done. He has no right to anonymity before a verdict you see, whereas women do, whether they are lying or not.

But this did not save him from being made a hate figure. 'The last 11 months have been horrendous,' he said.

'I've lost all my self- confidence. I don't know why she did it but her lies have ruined my life.'

Mr Bowers's father, Tony, 48, said his son had to move out of Basildon because of threats against him. He said: 'After the court case people started kicking the door of his flat in and shouting "rapist" though the letterbox.

'He moved into temporary accommodation but he heard that people were offering £100 to find out where he was. He's been threatened and chased through town with a knife too.

It is possible he could have been stabbed, maybe killed over this bitch. All so she can play the victim and get some money off of the state taxpayer, the damage to the young INNOCENT man continues;

In Hilliard's trial at Basildon Crown Court in May, Andrew Jackson, prosecuting, said: 'This incident has changed Mr Bowers.

'He speaks of his lack of confidence approaching young women, not trusting them and having trouble sleeping.

'He was physically sick through worry, constantly teary and feeling like he wanted to cry.'

I am not surprised. The damage this can do to a man is unbelievable, although our feminist society has no interest in truly accepting the harm it can cause to males, preferring to just tell them to ‘be a man about it’.

Now, just were is the ‘but she was a poor victim’ excuse… you know it is around here somewhere…

Jacqueline Carey, defending, said Hilliard had an 'extremely difficult period in her past' which she had discussed with a psychiatrist.

Hilliard was found guilty and was due to be sentenced yesterday but that was adjourned until next month to wait for further psychiatric reports.

Poor girl. She must have had such a hard past…

WHO GIVES A FUCK. She is a criminal, she lied to the police about a crime, she has perverted the course of justice, conspired to manipulate public funds (fraud) and has put an innocent young man’s life at risk for her own selfish ends.

Fuck her feelings. The lying, manipulative, narcissistic bitch.

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