Tuesday, 8 September 2009

France Mulls CO2 Taxes on Citizens

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France Mulls CO2 Taxes on Citizens

James Kanter
New York Times
Monday, September 7, 2009

The French government plans next year to begin making heavy users of household and transport fuels bear more of the tax burden. President Nicolas Sarkozy is expected to say in coming weeks that such a shift is necessary to nudge French citizens toward cleaner alternatives.

The tax would reportedly start at about 14 euros (or $20) for each ton of CO2 emitted, and could rise to levels of around 100 euros ($143) for each ton by 2030. That could mean substantial increases in the price of gasoline and diesel, as well as a sizable jump in the cost of keeping homes warm.

But skeptics say the idea may have less to do with clean energy, and more to do with a desire on the part of Mr. Sarkozy’s government to find new ways to keep the national debt in check.

Full story here.

I guess reducing state spending or borrowing is out of the question. You can't control people with debt if they're not in it! Spend spend spend, borrow some more. The money printers will demand interest too remember, so the state oppresses the people and wrings them dry, squeezing as much out of them as possible. You have to keep in mind that money (to us) represents production, which means it represents out time, which is life. A weeks' pay is a week of your working life gone. They want the money you earn, which is the same as them saying they want your life.

Introduction of carbon tax suggested

Irish Times
Monday, September 7, 2009

The Commission on Taxation has recommended the introduction of a carbon tax to help cut Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions.

In a report published this morning, the commission said this tax should apply to all carbon-based fuels sold for use in Ireland and should be based on the tonnes of CO2 emitted by each fuel. It said the tax could raise €500 million per year.

“The tax should be clearly visible at the point of final consumption to ensure it is not seen as ‘just another tax’”, the report said.

The Commission said a carbon tax would encourage polluters to cut emissions to save money and encourage innovation. “It is fair in the sense that those who choose to pollute the most, pay the most,” it said.

While there should be no preferential rates, businesses who are involved in the Emissions Trading Scheme should be exempt, it said.

Full story here.

Yes, supposedly free, independent countries all around the world start freely, independently pushing the same oppressive schemes.
It is enough to make you think there is a bigger picture to all of this...

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