Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Man Plays God IV. Rothschild´s 4. Reich: CO2-driven Slaughterhouse For “Useless Eaters´”

Summary: According to the insider, George Hunt, Rothschilds New World Order has been in control of the environmental movement since its birth in 1972. The idea of CO2-combating was put forward in 1987 by Edmund de Rothschild - "it means money," he said. Furthermore, he suggested a 2nd Marshall plan: 44 billion. dollars from western taxpayers were paid through his Frankfurt bank to rescue the Soviet rubel! The enormously rich Rothschild family has taken complete control of world economy and policy. It has bribed politicians to dance to their tune, and his concerns are in control of governments through lobbying. Mussolini defined such a state as fascism.


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