Friday, 18 September 2009

When in the Caliphate...

That protest against the mosque in East London was all wrong, all wrong.

The dirty kaffirs should have just fire-bombed the fucking thing, then maybe arrest Muslims and kill them in custody.

It is what the Religion of Peace would do, when they are not imprisoning women for being raped, that is.


J B said...

I get what you are saying. Just to remind: that is the sort of trouble TPTB probably want to cause.

It sounds like the protesters may have only amounted to only about twenty five people; they were portrayed as far-right (I don't think they were) and it was UAF thugs and Muslims that the police had trouble containing -- not the other way around.

That didn't fit in with the media's politically correct narrative however, so for their reports facts like that got conveniently sidelined.

The incompetence of our political leaders beggars belief; as does the fact any number of people can still possibly think that they really do have our best interests at heart.

Anonymous said...

You're right, hardly anyone turned up, except the UAF rent a mob and Muslim thugs, who proceeded to smash up their own town. Fucking morons.

I don't think that this is incompetence, I think it is criminal, cultural warfare on the indigenous population, softening them up for dissolution the EU and global governance project.

J B said...

I accused my MP of treason to his face regarding the EU and the Lisbon Treaty; he never even flinched!

His face dropped as I was talking about the possibility of refusing consent to be governed by Parliament though...