Thursday, 10 September 2009

This is what happens when you interfere with families

LONDON (Reuters) - Some children are living in such poverty that
their lives mirror the suffering of those in the "times of Dickens," a
teachers' union leader says.

Lesley Ward, president of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers
(ATL), said some children come from communities with such deprivation
that it is incredibly hard for schools to help rectify.

"There are perfectly healthy children who enter school not yet toilet-trained," Ward told a reception in London.

"Children who cannot dress themselves, children who only know how to
eat with a spoon, and have never sat around a table to enjoy a
home-cooked family meal. Children who don't know who will be at home
when they get home -- if anyone.

Well we all know, one of the primary goals of this government has been the destruction of the nuclear family, to replace it with the mutated socialist state-family. That is, instead of father - mother - children, it is state - mother - children. The biggest additional factor is the welfare system which specifically encourages single mother units, and indeed, actually punishes families where the father is present.

On top of that, the massive financial burden of this corporate socialist state means that anyone that does get around to working is battered by taxes. This makes it harder for those on benefits to get out of the rut they are in. Which is actually the point. The state does not want people wealthy, healthy and independent of them, because the state automatically loses its power over us. So this can only get worse.

Ward said she knew of one pupil who watched from a classroom window
as his father was in handcuffs after his house's front door was kicked

"The reality is that six in 10 poor children live in families where
someone works. That's shocking isn't it -- you go out to work, perhaps
two or even three part-time jobs, and you're still living below the
poverty line," she said.

"Life mirroring the times of Dickens."

She said deprivation caused the problem of "poverty of aspiration,"
with parents seeing little value in education, but she rejected the
notion that teachers just accepted this.

Teaches can only do so much. Broken dependent homes will most likely breed broken dependent offspring. Broken in the sense they cannot think for themselves and dependent on the state for survival.

And that is just how the state wants it.

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