Thursday, 10 September 2009

EU to redistribute billions more of our money

The European Commission says the EU should provide
$2-15bn each year to help poor countries protect themselves against
impacts of climate change.

The UN estimates that poor nations
will need about $100bn (£60bn) per year for climate adaptation, with
much of that coming from levies on carbon trading.

Carbon trading is just another false economy that involves almost nothing of actual value to people. Actually penalising people and industries for producing a naturally occurring gas, which in totality accounts for less than half of one percent of the atmosphere! And of course, the increase in the minuscule CO2 emissions does not tally with the actual global temperatures dropping. But lets not let common sense and logic get in the way of global taxation/ civilisation control propaganda okay?

So anthropogenic CO2 is not driving global temperatures but that is not what is important. What is important is that the whole human race realises that they are a burden on Earth and only a super-rich elite controlling the world through supranational legal systems and political institutions can save it.

The commission sees about 40% of the $100bn coming from the global
carbon market that is supposed to emerge from the Copenhagen treaty.

You know, I never really did understand the CO2 market. You pay some elite-owned organisation money to emit CO2, and then what? You emit it anyway. What about the people who cannot afford it (which would be most people on Earth). Well I guess their lives are restricted permanently, forced down to an inferior quality of life, because they are not allowed to do something that may produce a completely natural trace gas. Which just so happens to be critical for photosynthesis.

I smell an NWO rat.

Truthfully though, the most interesting part of this article is this.

"The EU is trying to get away with leaving a tip, rather than paying
its share of the bill to protect the planet's climate," said Joris den
Blanken, climate and energy policy director of Greenpeace-EU.

groups argue that western nations are historically responsible for
causing man-made climate change, and so must bear the brunt of any
"compensation money" for the developing world - a position that is
shared by governments of many poorer countries.

Nowhere in this entire article is there anything remotely resembling democratic representation of the people of the nations of Europe. It is as if the people don't even exist. There is no vote, no choice, just some suits in Brussels deciding how much of our money they should give to other people under the false guise of man-made global warming.

This is the real point of the EU to the elitists. No more messing about with parliaments and national governments. Just tell everyone what to do from above. Kind of like the eye on the pyramid, no?

We need the European Union like a free man needs shackles.

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