Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Government spending. See where how your hard earned money is pissed up the wall

Again from The Guardian, must have cut the fluoride from their drinking water or something.
Gordon Brown steeled himself and finally uttered the c-word at the TUC
on Tuesday – which means that cuts in public spending are now being
talked openly about by all three main parties. But signing up to the
principle of retrenchment in general terms is easy; the politicians
become much more coy when it gets to the specific question of exactly
what they would cut.
Visit the article, it has spreadsheets and (out of date) graphics and shit.

Personally, I believe a government-wide audit needs to be undertaken, with one simple rule. If we fired this person/ stopped this funding/ closed this department, would the public suffer?

All the middle managers, the suits, jobs for the boys, entire fucking quangos, cut the Common Purpose scum out of the NHS, streamline the welfare state. Cap child benefit at one child. Restrict social systems (welfare, housing etc) to people with British citizenship. None of this globalist 'points-system' which makes no distinction between people, local or foreign, friend or foe, contributor or not.

Repeal the thousands of laws that do nothing but give the State an excuse to get in peoples business, and then fine them. Get out of the EU. The police would be freed up to chase actual criminals who infringe on someone else's property or freedom, as opposed to 'criminal' acts of dropped apple cores, or taking fucking photographs. Scrap all the cushy perks for perps in prison (quite catchy that). Cap public sector pensions, salaries, link them to interest rates and the private sector.

More authority down to council level. All the central government should be doing is sorting out the National Defense and Foreign Policy.

As long as you don't violate anyone else's property or freedom, then it is none of the states' fucking business.

100,000's of public sector workers would be upset. Big fucking deal. This government has indebted the entire country, and the next generation. Fuck everybody, it's Rock and Roll time!

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