Monday, 21 September 2009

EU to demand Britain let in all asylum seekers

You cannot legally be an asylum seeker from a stable country, and we are an island the last time I checked.

Europe's Justice Commissioner will today demand a change in the law to allow 'Britain-obsessed' asylum seekers into the UK at their earliest convenience.

Jacques Barrot, a former French minister, believes the reform would assist migrants who are sleeping rough in Calais, waiting for a chance to enter Britain.

This includes hundreds who will be evicted this week from the notorious 'Jungle' squat in the town, which riot police plan to destroy.

Under current law the asylum seekers should be sent back to the country where they entered the EU.
So why aren't they then?

But, referring to a proposal which would allow foreigners to claim asylum in any EU country they want, Mr Barrot said: 'In order for the closure of the Jungle to make sense, it is necessary to share the burden between France and Great Britain.

'There should be a solidarity within the EU over asylum.

Fine, send them elsewhere then, Europe is a big place. Britain is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe and we have enough of our own problems which we must give priority too, otherwise what the fuck are we paying the government for?

They play a nightly game of cat and mouse with the police as they try to board lorries and trains heading for Dover.

Police sources in the town have confirmed that CRS riot control officers supported by soldiers would move in to the camp, the largest of many, with batons and flame throwers on Tuesday, the day after Ramadan ends.

'Many of those living in the camp are Muslims from countries like Afghanistan and Iraq who want to get to Britain,' said one senior officer.

We all know why they want to come here, so cut the shit. Britain has already absorbed a vast amount of seekers economic migrants, attracted to the welfare state, while bringing their barbaric Islamic beliefs with them, with their rape Jihads and other resulting violence and community segregation, as is to be expected by anyone who has read the Koran.

This brings me to another query.

Why are immigrants with no history, connection or contribution to Britain entitled to taxpayer funded welfare the instant they get off the boat/ coach/ train. Local people are turned away from social housing options, saying 'the list is full' while entire areas change cultural and ethnic composition.

Divide and conquer.

People need to stop making excuses for this government, this isn't incompetence, it is cultural warfare. They are engaged in breaking down Britain's centuries old cohesion, along with the destruction of the nuclear family, as government policy.

There may be trouble... ahead.....


Antisocialist said...

This, perhaps, serves as an example of why I could never support the UK Libertarian party. From the many 'libertarian' blogs I've read, including those connected or supportive of UKLP, appear to firmly believe in an 'open borders' policy. Some, DK for example, seem to believe in the 'cultural enrichment' propaganda of the 'liberal left'. It was witnessing the detrimental effects on the culture of my own home city that started my 'waking up process'. I had, until then, been an unthinking, Guardian reading, Labour voting, 'liberal lefty'. Not any more. Thankfully I woke up to the bigger picture which is the agenda for World Government aka the New World Order. A subject given short shrift by most libertarian bloggers.

Anonymous said...

I agree. An open borders policy is impossible unless the originating countries are also libertarian. But I think it says what on the Libertarian UK website. It doesn't mention open borders?

Here it is:
Immigration Policy LPUK

As a party we are committed to establishing the free movement of goods, capital and people. However, the free movement of people into the UK is not yet practical while we have both a large welfare state and most other countries are themselves not broadly Libertarian in nature.

The welfare state is one of the biggest problems in my view. How the hell immigrants are 'entitled' to taxpayers' money is beyond me, except of course, unless is it used as a form of economic osmosis to draw people from poorer nations into Britain, being also from diametrically opposed cultures. People say it is just for the left to try and build a voter base that has no connection with Britain - the sovereign nation.

I agree with them too but I point out that it is more than that. To destroy a building you start at the foundations, then identity the critical points throughout the structure and destroy them in an order that reduces the possibility of too much chaos, while still achieving your agenda.

Whether it is divorce law, the benefit culture, immigration, fucking bailouts (paying off the banking establishment for a job well done), Common Purpose, global governance, the EU, the Islam-Euro-Meditteranean Project etc. It all points in the direction of destroy what was and building a New World from the ashes.

Novus Ordo Seclorum indeed.