Monday, 30 November 2009

Ten Years On: Britain Without the European Union

I got it free from the Taxpayer Alliance email but it is only £5.99 anyway. Get it (and more) from the

I started making notes to post quotes, but I would end up typing up 50% of the book. Going through numbers, billions of pounds here, billions there, just flowing out the pockets of the People of Britain, people who earn it through sweat and toil, only to be pissed away on greasing the palms of poor countries and buying off politicians, setting up quangos and throwing money at media to promote the 'correct way of thinking about the EU', usual behaviour of a corrupt regime.

Do not think about the fact that individual freedom is the blood cell of a healthy, free society, and that the EU is the opposite of that. Putting aside the corrupt money flows, whereby the accounts of the EU haven't been signed off for 15 years or more, or the historical connection between the EEC cum EU and the Nazi 'Fourth Reich' plan, or the complete lack of democratic accountability and the blatant and consistent disregard for you view or the consequences of their decisions upon your life. Just put aside the 100,000+ pages of rules and diktats the EU has created to 'regulate' your life ad infinitum, even though simple logic would dictate that the more laws you have, the less free you are, seeing as rules and laws cannot add to freedom (freedom is an absence of law). Think about that, (in gross payments) we have been forced (because we didn't consent) into giving the EU approx a quarter of a trillion pounds of YOUR money, so you can be told what you can or cannot do, lest you be forced to pay them even more. The benefits of the EU are?

In every decision in life, whether you realise it or not, you carry out a risk-benefit assessment. Is going up to that girl at the bar worth the potential date later? The cost of that van worth the potential extra business? Think about how the EU benefits you. Forget their waffle, the expensive leaflets and propaganda. Try and think how paying the EU over £12,300 per minute, 24/7 year in, year out, benefits you. Compare it to how much you think it would benefit you by not paying it, and by not being told what to do.

I did say the book was short, I read it in a matter of hours without hardly trying. Unfortunately most people under the age of 18 can't read, but for those who can, get a copy.

I have picked a quote from the book, I think this sums up the EU nicely.
"Britain is paying a premium to belong to a gym that beats it up" - Ten Years On, pg 73 (Paraphrased)
They have been pummeling the Great British Bulldog for decades, trying to push us down to the level of lower nations, in true global communist fashion. Drugging it with media and celebrity nonsense, smoke and mirrors with the corrupted Parliament, sucking out its life blood, shutting down production, stripping away ancient freedoms and so on. Just trying to weaken this Animal of Freedom so they can get close enough to skin it, and harvest its organs.

But guess what. Britain is still here. Everybody I know is pissed off with the government. All it takes it explaining to people what is going on so they can connect the dots, and that is beginning to happen.

Indeed, I think that Bulldog is beginning to stir. Its ear flicked and it has opened an eye. It can see that it is surrounded by enemies, red, blue and green feathers on yellow bodies, circling like vultures, all wanting a piece of the Prize Pooch. The oldest and most illustrious of democracies.

Once it is full awake, it is game over for these spineless, slithering snakes.

2010 is going to be very interesting.

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