Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Gender equality guidance only involves 'violence' against women

Men don't experience any form of domestic violence apparently. Too busy being all conspiring in a patriarchy to oppress wimmin I presume.
Children as young as five are to have lessons in "gender equality" as part of the first national strategy to tackle violence against women and girls.

Youngsters in schools will also be taught that it is wrong to hit girls and not to bully transsexuals as part of the national curriculum.
I thought schools were supposed to teach reading and writing etc. Not how to behave towards certain 'groups' of society. Could you get more collectivist?
It is part of a wider cross Government initiative to combat domestic violence and other attacks on women and instill in young people the importance of healthy, non violent relationships.
Maybe the increase in domestic violence is happening in Muslim homes, where it is common to beat up your wife ('she who is deficient in intellect' Mohammed).

Anyway, more social engineering from the socialists. Things will only get worse.


Anonymous said...

I heard in the BBC (where else ?) that "70% of women in the world will experience violence". Where the hell do they get this ridiculous figure ? Are they telling me that 7 out of 10 women in the whole world will get beaten up ?
What an absolute load of BOLLOC*S !!

Anonymous said...

Anon, they've been doing this for years. They have to, so they can keep getting taxpayers money from the government.

It all depends on how you define 'violence'. Women's Aid has an quite a wide one. Definition that is lol

Essentially, they view anything that involves you not giving the woman whatever they want, whenever they want it, as domestic violence.

Revolution Harry said...

Incredible, even more subversive cultural Marxism.

As for Islamic violence towards women.

Anonymous said...

My inner cynic says that this sort of collectivist crap has (at least) two outcomes favourabe to Labour:

1) it crowds out academia to further the dumbing down process. I.e., to produce an workforce of obedient sheep, maleable by the State.

2) it puts the State into family homes - more regulation to follow, with ready trained little spies, a la Hitler youth.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget that women are more likely to initiate domestic violence in the West (Archer 2000, Fiebert 2007).

This is probably related to the massive immigration of Islam and other ideologies that condone violence of women. 'Honour' killings, that primitive shit.

Yes, and it ties teachers up with this social engineering bollocks, less time to teach kids vital skills, or how to think critically. Just forcing a preconceived conclusion down their throats.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response to my comment, FMW.
I think you are right. If "violence" is something as trivial as a man watching football (or Top Gear or Star Trek or some other such man thing) on TV so she misses her blasted soap opera, then no wonder 70% of women are "abused".
Having said that, the way that it was insinuated by the media (or at least the way I interpreted it) was that this was physical violent abuse, so 70% of women globally are being beaten up. Either the figure is a complete fantasy or those charming men in delightful muslim states are really into hitting their women regularly and consistently .....