Monday, 23 November 2009

Mother expecting her 14th child vows: 'I'll keep having babies until I have twins'

A mother expecting her 14th child has vowed to keep having children until she has twins.

Sara Foss, 39, already picks up £50,000 in benefits every year.

She said: 'All I've ever wanted is twins or triplets. It's my biggest wish, and I'm going to keep trying until I do it.

The comments section is dominated by people expressing their disgust at this taxpayer-funded lifestyle choice of this possibly mental woman. I'm disgusted too. Some however are calling for 'women like this' to be sterilised.

Now you already know my rapid hatred of feminism, but I recognise the principle of life, liberty and property. The only real 'human rights'.

Her body is her property. To sterilise her is to alter her property without her consent. So that cannot be a viable solution. The intelligent thing to do, is to scrap Child Benefits for more than one/ two children her family. What is telling to me, is how quickly people will call on individual rights to be trampled on before looking at the State for the root causes.

Remember, the State is the most dangerous enemy there is. Unlike private businesses and criminal gangs, the State can pass laws statutes, convincing the nations' peasants that they must OBEY.

Problem with immigration? Immigrants flooding the social housing, health etc system? No point hating immigrants (except those who hate you ahem). The solution is to scrap taxpayer funds for non-Brits. No getting off of the boat, can't speak English, can't work, got 10 kids, get council house bullshit. No taking in people because they want asylum. Shut the doors till we can get a clue of how many illegals there are. The world is a big place, get asylum somewhere else. Beggars can't be choosers.

So, no British passport? You receive nothing. Piss off. No foreign aid. No quangos. You know the story. It is nothing less than massive redistibution of wealth.

Remember, the government is supposed to exist to protect the nations borders and the British people's interests. Not to take your money and galavant around the world, 'bringing democracy' to barbaric prehistoric dust bowls, and throwing your money at foreign dictators like fucking confetti at a Commie wedding.

Reduce the State, free the individual.

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