Friday, 27 November 2009

Eid al-Adha empties inner London schools

The Islamic holiday has emptied schools in inner London. My little sisters primary school class has only two students in it today. The other class has three. Such is the scale of Islamic immigration into Britain and their subsequent birthrates, subsidised purely by taxpayer funds through Income Support and Child Benefit, which for some inexplicable reason doesn't have a cap.

Indigenous people in Britain are not actually having enough children to replace their population. The cost of living is too high, one of the reasons is the tax burden, a large chunk of which goes to pay for unproductive people to have families. This cannot be an 'accident'. In my opinion this is criminal conspiracy to destroy the productive, intelligent people of Britain through state brainwashing and redistribution of wealth. Funding your own downfall, the same way the state taxes you to pay for the surveillance state to watch you with.

The globalist proxy which is the LibLabCon political oligopoly has its allegiance with supranational interests. Everyone is going on about AGW being about global taxes. But that isn't the big picture, that's a symptom of it, not a cause. Man-made global warming was invented to provide a global 'enemy' to 'unite' the nations of the world in opposition too.

To push a global tax there must be a global legal system, superior in authority to the people within those nations. This is about an centralised system of control, external to any nation, administered by a global elite, hidden behind various false democratic inventions such as the EU.

Remember, the indigenous people ARE Britain. Without you there is no Britain. Nations, borders, legal systems, businesses, freedom, anything. The only thing that really matters is you. The rest are inventions which rely on your consent to exist. Until people realise this, there can be no real freedom. People will just reject one tyranny and adopt another.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the rambling tone of this post. Morning typing does that!

Revolution Harry said...

It may be a bit of a ramble but it strikes a cord all the same.

"Remember, the indigenous people ARE Britain. Without you there is no Britain.'

My feelings entirely. I think it's a conclusion it's almost impossible to reach unless you've witnessed full scale demographic change in your area. I've get frustrated when 'libertarians' such as Guthrum on Old Holdborn's blog chastise 'nationalists' and enthuse about open borders. Apart from anything else it amazes me that they can't see how this fits in with the globalist agenda to destroy the nation and the national identity of its people.

I could 'ramble' all day on this subject but, thankfully, I haven't the time.

Anonymous said...

I know. To destroy the nation state is one of the principle goals of the globalists. It is what the EU is all about, and look what a lot of good that has done for Britain.

Open borders with countries with completely different economies and policies is nothing but suicide. People shouldn't be allowed to enter Britain without a list of qualifying factors, like Canada or Singapore.

The British Government is funded by the British people to protect the life, liberty and property of Britain. Thats it. Not to indulge the worlds poor, the megalomaniacs or special interest lobbies like the green-lunatics.