Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Gore: "Earth's mantle hot as sun's corona"

What a complete prick. What next, Jupiter is closer to the sun than the Earth?
This is mind blowing ignorance on the part of Al Gore. Gore in an 11/12/09 interview on NBC’s tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, speaking on geothermal energy, champion of slide show science, can’t even get the temperature of earth’s mantle right, claiming “several million degrees” at “2 kilometers or so down”. Oh, and the “crust of the earth is hot” too.
Watts Up With That even has the video. These elitist idiots are so wrapped up in the delusions of their grandeur that basic scientific facts simply do not matter.

And it is people like him who believe they should run the Earth. Give me strength.


J B said...

You've seen Lord Monckton's recent talk?

Here is the slideshow he uses (large download):

He completely demolishes Gore's film, and the AGW scare. It includes a presentation of the results from Lindzen and Choi's recent research where measurements are taken to see what energy is radiated back into space from temperature increases on earth.

He seems well aware of the political motivations behind the web of deceit. He doesn't seem too hopeful about stopping the ongoing treachery though. It has massive momentum doesn't it? I notice he is concentrating his efforts in America (certainly not here!)

J B said...

Radiation escaping from the earth INCREASES when the global surface temperature increases by the way. (They've been using climate models which predict the opposite; that's how significant they claim the greenhouse effect must be!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks JD. I watched Monckton's presentation a few days ago. Absolutely decimates Gore and the Planetary Control Lobby.

It's perfectly logical, the warmer an object, the more it radiates. Considering the vacuum of space will always present an energy sink compared to Earth it isn't surprising in the slightest.

Just shows how dodgy the AGW crowd are. I am going to post it though.