Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Overpopulation Is A Myth - Note To The 'Elitists'

For all you evil, self-hating, elistist, limp-wristed lets-slowly-kill-billions arsewipes who think there are too many human beings on Earth.

Go Fuck Yourself.

Fucking eugenicists. You really think you have a 'right' to demand others starve to death because you're too fucking ignorant to understand the big picture of the human race? You sit in your apartments in built up areas and assume the whole world is covered in skyscrapers and 4x4's, when the vast majority of the Earth's surface is untouched.

The real reason these sick fucks (and you useful idiots) want the population culled (not your family naturally) is so they would be easier to control in their global totalitarian utopia they are currently trying to engineer.

You make me sick.

The millions of babies dying each year, and you really want to sit there and huff 'it's good for the human race?'

You evil fucking bastards. I guess it's easier to advocate the deaths of millions of innocent, helpless people than it is to turn to the bastards pushing all this. The same bastards that fund the universities in the States, set up the Federal Reserve, bought out the Bank of England, set up the European Union and who would funded and promoted Socialism, Communism, Feminism and Environmentalism.

All of which, conveniently call for the abolition of private property and total control by a unaccountable, political class. Transferring ownership of the entire fucking world to the organisations these scumbags invented out of thin air. Like the United Nations, as they recently tried to sell the 'man made global warming scam' as a need to have a world government.

Yeah pull the other one. If you tyrants weren't such fucking unoriginal wankers you may have gotten further. We know you want a third world war and there will be one, but not the way you're expecting it. Not us 'little people' against each other, but us against you.

People destroying their corrupt political systems, unravelling the fraud that is the money supply, taking apart the global corporations, syndicates and supra-national governments and realising it's just a prison in our minds. All we need to do is be the change we want to see.

So get it through your thick skulls, the human race is infinitely resourceful, the problem is not 'the little people' the problem is the global banking cartels, the legal systems and fiat currency systems they invented purely to strip people from their rightly earned wealth and keep the human race running on the hamster wheel.

You see, these bastards don't need money. They don't orchestrate boom and bust because they need more mansions. They PRINT THE FUCKING STUFF. They just need to take it away from you, so you stay dependent on their debt and their 'charity'. Aren't they nice, they pay for your colleges and set your curriculums. They tell you want to think and how to act.

No wonder you fucking fake-liberals don't have a clue what is going on. Those million babies dying in filth aren't the enemy or a threat to the beauty and potential of the human race.

YOU ARE. You evil selfish egotistical cunts.

A billion abortions since 1920.

When you're laying in your bed, probably nice and fluffly with state-funded quango credits, think about thousands dying each day because of the policy papers, political manipulation and corporate fascism of your idols.

I hope you don't wake up.

Now THAT would really help the human race.

The elections barely mean anything. The pressure against the growing totalitarianism, the lies and the corruption won't stop because serfs tick boxes. It will only stop when the state is dragged down to size and does what the People want.

So don't feel down. Times are a' changin'.


Keoni Galt said...

Excellent rant, FMW. I agree, 100%!

Huhgman said...

The 1st World has to make sure we keep the 3rd World in order to keep our capitalistic economy going. We have enough food stockpiled to feed everyone, we just choose not to (hell, I was taught that at school with the maintainance of food mountains through the Common Agricultural Policy). With current systems, we have enough for 11-13 billion, though that was from an old textbook - I imagine GM crops and the expansion of Canadian, Brazilian and Russian farming lands (there is natural global warming - as shown by crops moving northwards) will also help. [though GM crops are already sucking - only the US accepts them, and they've been taken over for corporations profit, auto-destruct seeds, plants that have to have certain supplement fertilizers etc]

This is why they're shitting bricks over Brazil, India and China - 3 Billion people that are aiming for the 1st World. We're going to lose our cheap labour, manufacturing and resource centres.

Anonymous said...

I don't think these nations industrialising to our level is a problem. Our money supply system is the problem. Central banks charging interest, fiat currency (inflating the money supply). Socialist policies etc.

These are our biggest enemies. Not a slave labour region turning into a working class region. Good for them. Good for small and medium businesses, fuck the multi-national corporations.

Globalism was all about trying to undermine Western values, protectiions, property rights etc, by dragging it down to the level of Communist China etc. That is why these banksters (and the UN) love to gush about what a great 'society' China is.

Yeah whatever.

Africa on it's own, properly developed could easily feed whe whole planet. But that would break the globalists monopoly on control of human resources.

As far as water, food and energy, all nations are capable of generating their own. Isn't that the meaning of sovereignty?

mike3 said...

It is a FACT the earth has limited resources. This is just simple logic. Pretty much all good oil that can be discovered has been discovered, for example, and is running out (note that "good" oil, as opposed to "bad" oil like tar sands, shale, etc. which are vastly bigger but *nobody* has gotten a good, high-EROEI method of really making use of that stuff, despite 100 years of talk about it).

In light of this FACT, we can't simply have more and more people. I don't advocate actively killing people, I advocate not producing more people, at least not more than die (which causes growth). But I'm sure you want everyone to all go have tons of kids, never mind nobody will be able to provide for them. In other words, by advocating unfettered growth, you're going to see a lot of that death and destruction you claim to NOT like.

I don't support some kind of "accountable to nobody political class" as the solution, I just deal with FACTs, and FACTs say WE have to quit breeding so badly. How to accomplish that is another question. I'm not really sure how to do it (well actually, I am -- just have less kids, but actually getting people to do that...), but I *do* know that going and denying the problem is definitely NOT going to help.

How do you propose to feed 7, 10, 15, 30, 100 BILLION people (Don't complain about these figures as being too large -- you're the one saying overpopulation is a myth, right? The sky's the limit! And don't forget the POWER of the EXPONENTIAL FUNCTION), right? How can you refute all the numerous limits to growth that we know to exist?

The exponential function is a mighty thing indeed. If you consume a resource at even a *slight* exponential growth rate, its depletion time is *dramatically* shortened compared to flat and even similarly-slight linear growth.


mike3 said...

(cont'd from last)

Someone here says the USA alone has enough food to feed 13 billion people, presumably for life (otherwise it doesn't really solve the problem. It has to be continuous production.). Where is all this food? That would mean like 76% of our food production is going unused. Where is it going? Give me some EVIDENCE, please.

I can't believe this. Everyone screams about "socialist" "entitlement mentalities" and then thinks they're entitled to consume and guzzle as much as they want with total, reckless abandon.

"Fucking eugenicists. You really think you have a 'right' to demand others starve to death because you're too fucking ignorant to understand the big picture of the human race? You sit in your apartments in built up areas and assume the whole world is covered in skyscrapers and 4x4's, when the vast majority of the Earth's surface is untouched."

I don't live in a big city, nor do I think the Earth's covered in cities and 4x4s. It doesn't need to be for us to be reaching serious resource limits. You just need to understand how limited they really are. The whole surface area is not magically underlaid by tons of oil, gas, coal, abundant, easy-to-get metals, and aquifers full of fresh water. And of course, it's also not all overlaid by fertile soil ripe for growing all the crops you could ever dream of. And finally, most of it's actually overlaid with salt water which is useless for drinking and makes it difficult to get anything from below it. And don't forget that you need lots of undeveloped land to sustain the ecosystems required to make the rest suitable for growing crops! So it doesn't matter that it's not all covered in "skyscrapers and 4x4s". And I don't demand others starve, I just understand that's the consequence of overstepping the bounds of moderation, and understand the natural law that makes it that way. And finally, I'm not rich.

Your post contains absolutely no substantiative attack on the basis of overpopulation theory. Because of that, I don't believe you have one, and am inclined to believe you're just denying it for denial's sake.

Anonymous said...

Ttotally agree with mike3. Here's me: Uuummm, death is a part of life. Yes, babies happens in every species, its natures way of things, always has been- get over it. The vast majority of the earth is covered in ocean and desert-so yes, humans don't use the MAJORITY of the earth's surface, but the parts we do use we push animals out of their homes to build our schools, homes, hospitals, roads, etc. I'm only rebutting to the first paragraph you wrote because the amount of venom in your post stopped me from reading the rest. By the way you glorify humans breeding so much I'm guessing you're Catholic. Enough said. Not even going to go there, just here's a bit of free advice: Grow the fuck up and face reality- death and disease and (oh my god, no! not choice for women!) abortions happen. Endo story. Please try to be a little less negative about things as we all have our opinions.