Thursday, 27 May 2010

Walnuts are unapproved drugs - FDA

This is from my Natural News email sub I have. I wouldn’t normally post these, but this is insane.

Dear NaturalNews readers,

According to the FDA, walnuts are unapproved drugs because they have been scientifically proven to lower high cholesterol. So the FDA has unleashed a threatening attack against a large walnut company to scare them into removing all scientific research about walnuts from their website and marketing materials.

The FDA, you may already realize, is waging a campaign of censorship, disinformation and consumer ignorance to try to destroy all knowledge of the scientifically-proven health benefits of healing foods and nutritional supplements.

Today we bring you a must-read story about how the FDA is trying to destroy knowledge much like the burning of the Library of Alexandria in the year 48 B.C.

But this is happening right now, today in America. Read more in my feature story that exposes the FDA's agenda of ignorance:

Probably won’t surprise you but the FDA and such are nothing more than agents for globalist corporations. We already know from the Codex Alimentarius that they wish to regulate almost all foodstuffs on earth. Growth hormones for cattle, stripping vitamins and minerals from natural foods, mandating the use of big pharma to make up the difference (with their inferior counterparts). Food, water and energy, the three industries the elites must maintain control over to be able to attack the human race from below.

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