Thursday, 28 January 2010

BBC doesn't know how much of your money they spend

Who gives a fuck how much, it isn't like the BBC have to actually pay for it or anything.

The corporation did not know in advance how much it would spend covering individual events, from the Beijing Olympics to the Glastonbury festival, because so many departments were involved and they did not liaise on budgets, according to a damning National Audit Office report.

As a result, the corporation was unable to assess whether or not it offered value for money, it said.

The total expenditure for sport and music events in the 2008-09 financial year was £357 million, including coverage and rights. The public spending watchdog singled out the BBC’s construction of a £250,000 studio in Vienna for the Euro 2008 football championships because the one allocated did not have a backdrop of the city skyline.

No accountability leads to ever growing inefficiency and self indulgence, no difference if it is with foreign aid, the welfare state or any other state (taxpayer) funded system.

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