Friday, 8 January 2010

Cultural enrichment and diversity in Bromley

The Albanian immigrant gang free pose with high-powered machine guns on Bebo and YouTube

A gang of immigrants who are being watched by police has posted a series of sickening images on the internet with members flaunting an arsenal of automatic weapons.

Members of the OTR gang stare menacingly down the barrels of a chilling cache of high velocity machine guns...

The police are quick to defend the videos, although they will happily shoot a guy dead holding a chair leg.

...But police sought to play down the threat posed by the group, insisting there's no evidence the guns are ‘real weapons’.

Senior officers even claimed the photographs may not have even be taken in the UK - even though one shot shows two gang members posing with a British-licensed Mercedes in a pub car park.

A spokesman said: ‘There's no evidence that these photographs involve real weapons and no evidence that the photos were taken in Bromley, or even this country. There's nothing to say that these are recent photos.’

Crime and punishment, Spineless Socialist style.

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