Friday, 29 January 2010

Triumph of feminism - 'my boyfriend made me steal £1 million'

Cleared of charges. A woman, 'equal to men' is all of a sudden incapable of being responsible for her own actions. When it suits her.

A former junior bank manager walked free from court today after being cleared of stealing nearly £1 million from a high street bank.

Ania Wadsworth, 28, admitted taking the money but sobbed that she had been forced to do it by her crack addict boyfriend.

Wadsworth, of Archway, north London, was found not guilty of stealing £921,716.95 from Lloyds TSB between 2002 and 2007.

Keith 'Junior' Preddie, 30, of Romford, Essex, was found guilty of laundering £145,370.

Preddie, who had a £500-a-day drug habit at times, said he also spent money on BMW cars, holidays and a failed music business.

The Old Bailey was told that Wadsworth would walk out of the branch at Golders Green, north London, with bundles of £25,000, stolen while she was loading cash machines.

But none of the missing money was traced to her and she had been living modestly.

Her bank accounts were frequently in the red and she had taken out a couple of loans from the bank.

An expert on domestic abuse said Wadsworth showed signs of battered woman syndrome and 'learned helplessness'.

What next, women killing people and getting their boyfriends thrown in prison for it? What if she blames the dog? 'It kept growling at me!'

Funny how a female can invoke the 'I'm so feminine and weak' argument when it suits them, and then the 'I'm just as strong as a man' in another situation.

Fucking pathetic.


Anonymous said...

I trust that you visit anti-fem sites such as, ...

Anonymous said...

And today, in a case, where a drunken man asked a drunken woman to drive his car and she went on to run over and kill two persons, the man was jailed (although, she was also jailed, at least). The reasoning is that he allowed the drunken woman to drive his car and should not have done so.

Fair enough, but in the case that FMW mentions here, the woman escapes jail for stealing money, claiming she was forced to do it.

Conclusion : A man will always be at fault. If a woman steals, it's a man's fault for forcing her to do so. If a woman kills with a car, it's the man's fault for letting her drive his car.

Typical of feminism. "We want all rights and priviledges and none of the responsibilities".