Thursday, 14 January 2010

Just so you know the mentality of your politicians

The Non-Existent French People

In the comments on a post from a few days ago, our French correspondent Robert Marchenoir had some choice words to say about France which are worth reproducing here. I’ve combined and adapted two comments to make the following post:
The signs of dhimmitude are all over the place in France. The Minister for immigration, integration and national identity Eric Besson, a former Socialist, has just said, in front of an immigrant audience, right in the middle of a Muslim suburb next to Paris:

“France is neither a people, nor a language, nor a territory, nor a religion, it’s a conglomerate of peoples who want to live together. There are no indigenous French, there is only a France made out of miscegenation.”

How more insulting can you get towards the French people and their history ? How contemptible is that ?

Traitor, traitor, traitor !
Full article here.

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