Wednesday, 20 January 2010

This is why the corporate media is dying and the rest are flying

While the alternative media are reporting about the US military launching a Haiti earthquake relief site the day before the earthquake, to prepare for drills (sound familiar?), also taking apart the pathetic Conservatives and their same-old-shit policies, accounts of the swine flu vaccine possibly causing miscarriages, honest news about Muslims and their attitudes, and so on, the corporate media thinks that Paris Hilton tearing her dress is worth a graphic link on their front page, and The Times is getting a telling off for blatently bullshitting about the latest vehicle for global communism, climate change.

The difference between these two is the priority of the mainstream media is MAKING MONEY, the priority of the alternative media, especially blogs and the like, is communicating the truth. The alternative media is simply filling the vacuum left by the mainstream propaganda merchants, if they did what they like to say they do (report the NEWS) then there would be no need for blogs like this. Believe me, there are things I'd rather be doing than trawling through all of this depressing shit, adding pieces to the Grand Chessboard to try and see the next play.

If you read this, make sure you don't vote for the Corporate Three in the next general election, they are sure bet for the continued looting of your futures and the integrity of these fair lands. Anyone but them. Let's fuck it up. They want a Summer of Discontent? Kick it off by telling these spineless lawyer bastards how you feel in the voting booth.

On a more positive note, I'm beginning to understand everything, and I mean everything. I've been able to reduce it down and will keep doing so until, like a Grand Unified Theory, I can present it in such a simple way, that even the Labour voting client state will have to admit it.

Shit is fucked up, but I'm grinning. Once I get these videos sorted, I'll be the happiest slave in the field.

Woohoo. Time for a Guinness.


Revolution Harry said...

Keep at it Field Marshal. It all makes a difference.

Anonymous said...

Voting is for suckers. That's playing their game, they've rigged it, and the House Always Wins.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Field Marshal!