Friday, 26 March 2010

EUISS and World Governance: We Need Immigration and Climate Change As Arguments for Military World State Control

Summary: The EU Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) is the brain behind the EU's military. It is centered around Bilderberger and Club of Rome member, Javier Solana, former NATO Secretary General and EU foreign minister (High Representative). EUISS' annual publication 2009: "What ambitions for European defence in 2020", contains interesting information: Swedish Tomas Ries writes that the ISS needs a European army to defend EU borders against massive poverty immigration. He calls it distasteful and immoral - but necessary!

Furthermore, Ries writes that Europe needs to be able to wage war against countries (including Russia) with other views on the world than the EU's New World Order views. Furthermore, this New World Order will usurp the right of deciding to occupy an area of a former sovereign state in the name of, e.g. climate or biodiversity! Nevertheless, the EU has started to fulfill its promise of free movement within the EU for Muslim Euro-Mediterranean partners, as promised in 2003.

Furthermore, the EU has set up recruiting offices in Africa to recruit 56 million. Muslims + their families into the EU by 2050! At the same time, the EUISS writes in the report from its annual congress 2009, "Soft power". Managing a Post-crisis World", that it would be wrong to bar the Union from the outside world, because it is contrary to the sacred dogma of "unity in diversity." But then comes the strange thing: It is stated, that there is no risk of confrontation between the great powers - for they are partners. Why else does the European Union want an army, then?

Regionalization, it is said, is part of global governance. The Global Agenda (21) is generated by the linkage of the fight against the crises (climate, financial, immigration, development) - that the elite behind the New World Order has created itself for this very purpose. The G20 must be strengthened - and bought NGOs must have much more to say in support of the New World Order program - because this is New World Order "legitimacy". Better is soft power - but make no mistake. The EU will put hard power behind if it does not succeed by soft means. The British Defence Ministry wrote that everybody must be linked to a verifiable network (chips, among others) - and it will be deemed suspicious to stay outside. It stipulated that it will be difficult for those who want to preserve their indigenous culture and beliefs. They will be considered radicalised - while this is obviously not true, for example of Muslim "neo-Europeans". The UN has started to realize John F. Kennedy 's proposal from 1961 to abolish all armies and only maintain a UN world army of 50,000 men to oppress troublemakers against the New World Order. The NATO has usurped this role in 2008.


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Revolution Harry said...

"Further momentum for greater political integration is unlikely unless stimulated by the re-emergence of a significant, tangible and immediate threat to European security."

Quite shocking stuff. This article bought the reality of what's actually happening into sharp focus. These people are truly malign.