Sunday, 14 March 2010

Firm demands Polish only speakers in British factory

The continued deconstruction of Britain the nation-state.

British workers have been turned away from jobs in a local factory – for not speaking Polish.

Cooked meat manufacturer Forza AW effectively barred anyone but Poles for applying for jobs on its production line in East Anglia by insisting all staff speak the language fluently.

The company claimed it was necessary as all health and safety training was conducted in Polish.

But Forza – a major supplier of Asda supermarkets – was last night accused of anti-British discrimination because of the adverts, which came after an official report detailed how unscrupulous employers prefer to hire migrants because they are cheap and less inclined to answer back.

Thus undercutting local wages and driving down the quality of life, one could say ‘harmonising’ it with inferior economies elsewhere in the world. This is the real point of globalism.

It is also reported that British workers had spoken of difficulty in registering with employment agencies that supply mainly East European workers.

So, as this floods the local labour market with people used to living less and knowing less, the local people are forced onto state benefits, thus ensuring state compliance for more British people.

Shadow Immigration Minister Damian Green said the advert exposed the hollowness of Gordon Brown’s pledge to create ‘British jobs for British workers’.

Turn everything into a cheap political stunt. The government isn’t supposed to create jobs, it’s supposed to get the fuck out of the private sectors way and let them to the do job creation, fucking socialists.

One job seeker, who contacted The Mail on Sunday after receiving the email, said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when I first read it – are we in England or Poland, for goodness sake?

Neither, we’re in the EU. Unless you vote for UKIP, Libertarian Party UK or BNP you’re fucked.

P.S. Do read the party manifestos and do research before deciding to vote. Protest votes are fucking stupid.And that’s exactly how the ruling classes want to behave, don’t think, just react.

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