Thursday, 4 March 2010

European Public Prosecutor: a jackboot too far on British Sovereignty?

Read the full article, this is serious shit.
The EPP’s office will have the power to prosecute, arrest and imprison people in the UK (and elsewhere in the EU), on his or her orders – for as long as they wish, with no public hearing. Police can come knocking on your door whenever they feel like it, and hold you without charge or evidence. The Prosecutor would be able to instruct national police forces to carry out cross-border investigations on fraud, counterfeiting, terrorism and trafficking in drugs and people. It could compel the British police to make a prosecution.
How much does this shitty dictatorship have to do before people realise it is a Bad Thing? How far does it have to go to have a revolution here? Cancel Eastenders and dole cheques?

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