Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Sweden votes no to Minarets

As you probably already know, the Swiss said 'NO' in a vote on allowing the construction of Minarets, those objects of Islamic Supremacy.

The UN got stuck in, attacking the Swiss for not accepting something from Islam. Fuck the UN.

Islamic states throughout the world are angry, the Swiss establishment are angry, the EU is upset, how dare those Swiss peasants have an opinion not sanctioned by the global elite!

The UN has even gone so far as to say the ban discriminates against Muslims. And what about the very core tenets of Islam itself, no discrimination there? What about the heavy restrictions or outright banning of non-Islamic religion buildings in Islamic states? What about that.

Tell you something, good on the Swiss. Fuck Islam. Until the Islamic world treats other cultures and religions with the same respect it demands from the West, they should keep their savage fucking traps shut. 'Freedom' is a two way street, bitches.

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Jayce Kay said...

"Freedom from" is arguably more important than "Freedom to".

There country, there rules, there say.

Don't like it?

Fuck off.

Damn I feel a little bit better for that!