Wednesday, 2 June 2010

White people banned from applying for council position

A council has been accused of discrimination after white people were barred from applying for two £18,000-a-year jobs.

Bristol City has created the management training posts for graduates in an effort to recruit more minority employees.

As a result the council will only accept applications from ethnic minorities for the two-year placements.

But this has prompted criticism from white graduates struggling to find work.

One jobseeker, who did not wish to be named, described the posts as 'totally racist'.

Of course it is racist. It is also offensive to 'ethnics' because it assumes they cannot compete with white candidates on a level playing field. It can also be intepreted that the Race Relations Act presumes non-white people are inferior to white people, thus making them deserving of discriminatory regulations. The other way of looking at it is the state sees white people as all being inherently racist, hence justifying the passing of laws that affect everyone in the country.

James Easey, a spokesman for the council said advertising ethnic minority-only posts was allowed under race relations legislation.

He said: 'This traineeship was started because of the marked under-representation of ethnic minorities in our workforce.

'The normal recruitment process was not rectifying this unacceptably low trend so there was a strong case for this small positive recruitment traineeship for two ethnic minority graduates a year.

'We have a workforce of more than 9,000 employees, excluding school staff, so this is a small training programme.

'Graduates from any ethnic background are open to apply for the national graduate local government programme which we recruit from every year - we have just recruited two graduates in this way.'

The Race Relations Act 1976 states that if a racial group is under-represented councils can offer training to individuals from that group.
Another one for the Great Repeal Bill then (no, not the government one, the Real One). By the way, when the state is trying to engineer 'equality of OUTCOME' it is behaving in a communist (collectivist) manner.

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DWMF said...

OMG. I see a whole new pseudoscience being founded, based on this!