Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Last Union Jack flown at Trafalgar 'must remain in Britain'

The flag will be auctioned in London today, the anniversary of Admiral Lord Nelson’s victory over a joint French and Spanish fleet off the Spanish coast in 1805.

It is expected to fetch at least £15,000. Charles Miller, the auctioneer, has said he believes it is the last surviving flag flown during the battle.

They will try to slap an export ban on it, but the mere fact that this flag could be bought by foreigners says it all really. Just like the Communitarians always want, sell off and/or destroy all British institutions. Sovereignty is a sin in the Brave New World.


TheBigYin said...

Britain has been sold off, piece by piece, for years now so selling the flag was bound to happen. You are now part of the state that calls itself Europe.

Do not resist, resistance is futile!

Anonymous said...

It will all kick off soon. :-)